Exact Bone Technology:
Lower Cost, Shorter Hospital Stay, Better Patient Outcome

Exact Bone offers a novel custom-replacement bone for wrists, ankles, feet, and hands. This surgery can be performed on younger patients, since the wrist recovers full mobility and functionality. It also offers a more effective treatment for arthritic patients.

With Exact Bone, Hospitals and doctors can treat more patients with higher patient satisfaction and lower costs. Exact Bone technology minimizes surgery time for lower costs. The method for creating Exact Bone replacement bones is less costly than most current treatments.

Patients who chose to live with pain rather than have a surgery that would reduce mobility, can now choose surgery and better hand function and less pain.

US Market Size

There are 6.8 million fractures a year in the USA. The most common fracture for those younger than 75 is a wrist fracture. Current market estimates for Exact Bone focus only on scaphoid and lunate bone fractures. When you add in the potential for all other wrist, hand, ankle, and foot bones, the market expands considerably.

Much of the technology is built on existing equipment so it minimizes start-up costs. Currently, cost for just the full wrist replacement implants (not counting the procedure) average between $5,000-$8,000. This new technology should be able to undercut that cost by 60%-75%.

Exact Bone may appeal to companies like:

  • Stryker
  • Zimmer Holding
  • DePuy
  • Synthes
  • Medtronic
  • Biomet
  • Smith & Nephew

These companies generated about $48 billion total in sales for the total orthopedic market for 2016